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Stock Calculator

Stock calculator calculates the profits and losses on your stock investments. The stock profit calculator will calculate the total profits or losses based on the number of shares bought, buy price and sell price as well as commissions. To calculate the stock cost basis, please use the cost basis calculator.

Stock Profit Calculator

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How to Calculate Stock Profit

Here's how to calculate stock profit or loss. First, subtract the buying price from the selling price, and then multiple the result by the number of shares and then subtract the buying and selling commissions.

The formula is (S-B)*N - BC - SC where
* N is the number of shares,
* B is the buying price
* S is selling price and
* BC is the buying commission costs
* SC is the selling commission costs

For example, if you purchased 300 shares of a stock at $45 and sold it for $50, and the buying and selling commissions are both $7.
Plug in the stock profit formula and the result will be
($55-$45)*300 - $7 - $7 = $3,000 - $7 - $7 = $2,986

Stock Investment Calculator

As an investor, it is important to keep track of your profits or losses because it is important to improve your skills as a stock market investor. By using our stock investment calculator, one can quickly calculate the stock market profits.

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