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How to Calculate Average Stock Price

Published: at 03:56 PM

On this website, To calculate the average stock price of every stock in your portfolio, you can take the following steps.

Step 1: Entry the number of shares

Input the quantity of shares you own. Many trading platforms allow for fractional share purchases, so be sure to include them if applicable.

Step 2: Entry the stock Price

Enter the price of each stock. If you purchased multiple stocks, please fill in the input boxes separately.

Step 3: Sum up all stock prices

After repeating steps one and two for every stock in your portfolio, sum up all the stock prices. This will serve as the numerator for your calculation.

Step 4: Total the number of shares

Next, total the quantity of shares across all stocks. This will serve as the denominator for your calculation.

Step 5: Perform division

Dsivide the number obtained in step three by the number from step four. This will yield the average price you’re paying for all the stocks in your portfolio.